How To Use Serp Check

After creating a new account login and click on dashboard button on the header.

  1. Click on add new project button on the left.
  2. Type the project name and URL.
  3. Choose the project region.
  4. Choose the project country.
  5. Click on add project button.
add new project

Click on the green icon on the right to go to the keywords page.

In the keywords page, you can set project Frequency just click on edit project info button then update the project button.

Note: when setting Frequency make sure to have enough quantity for keywords {1 keyword = 1 quantity},that means if you have 50 keywords then you need to 50 quantity but if you set Frequency to every 12 (50 keywords every 12 hours x 2)hours then you need 100 quantity per day.
edit project info

Click on add keywords button and type your keywords one keyword per line up to 50 keywords then press add keywords button.
Now the progress will appear, wait until it finished.

add keywords

Now you will see all keywords on the responsive table click on any keyword to see your top ten competitors and keyword history if you updated the keyword one more time.

Select keywords to update if you didn’t want to wait for the automatic update “Frequency” you set then click on the refresh button on the bottom of the table.

update keywords
keywords history